Manticore Marketing; 

Providing Priceless Advice

At Manticore we always take an ROI approach to all of our campaigns, if you aren’t seeing a strong ROI we will be the first ones to tell you things aren’t working out the way they should be.

We do this by taking a unique approach to each company and industry we work with as there isn’t a magical “one fits all” in marketing!

After strategizing for your unique business we employ these strategies to a sales funnel to be constantly creating new leads & working existing leads to the bottom of our funnel where they result in a sale for you!

To achieve this goal we focus on;

  • Proper Lead Acquisition 
  • Re-Marketing The Right People At The Right Time
  • Online & Offline Lead Conversion 

And that’s just scratching the surface of the Iceberg contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business!

How it All Began

Manticore Marketing started with two things: A dream and an objective

The dream was to create a workspace that would encourage and nourish creative individuals within the online marketing space. 

The objective was to create a system in which companies would be able to realize their full potential and see some major returns on their investments!

Manticore was born when founders Mike and Skylar realized they not only shared a dream and an objective, but they also shared some core values when it came to developing a business that brought together a unique combination of professionalism and fun.

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